Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove

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The Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove comes with both logs and coals for your choice of fire bed effect and double doors that can be opened.

Broseley Hereford 5 Electric Stove



Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove

The Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove is an excellent choice if you wish to create a classic look with subtle lines and pattern-work. The stove is a slimline model which will suit any standard fireplaces and hearths.

As the Broseley Lincoln Stove is electric, no chimney or flue system is required. However there is an optional spigot for attaching a dummy flue pipe.

The flame effect on the Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove can be used without the heat, meaning you can enjoy the effect of the stove in all seasons.

The Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove is constructed from cast iron and it comes with both logs and coal fuel effects enabling you to arrange these how you will – all logs, all coals or a mixture.

The difference you notice with the Broseley Lincoln Electric Stove is the centre-opening double doors with a traditional pattern. The stove can be operated with the doors either closed or open for a change.

Heat is provided  by a 2kW fan heater situated underneath the stove. This heater can be thermostatically controlled from the comfort of your favourite chair with the remote control that comes as standard.  A concealed control panel is also situated behind the ash door.


  • 2kW maximum heat output
  • High grade cast iron construction
  • Traditional design
  • Realistic flame pattern
  • Remote control as standard
  • Supplied with both coal and log fuel effects
  • Double doors that can be opened
  • Thermostatic control

Additional Information 

  • Heat Output: 2kw
  • Width: 590mm
  • Height: 660mm
  • Depth: 275mm
  • Stove Body Material: Cast iron
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Stove body)


Additional information

Flue Spigot

None, Yes + £35.00

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