Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove 9105
Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove 9105Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove 9105

Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove 9105

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Product Description

Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove 9105

The Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove (model 9105) is the most popular stove in the range.

The Hollywell will deliver 5kW of heat to the room and features a large viewing area. This large viewing area makes the most of the stove’s fireball technology which results in mesmerising flame patterns.

The idea which drove the design of the Burley Hollywell stove was to invent the cleanest burning and most energy efficient wood burning stove possible.

At up to 89.8% efficient and with innovative technology which has been developed to extract the heat and keep it in your house, Burley Fireball stoves do not simply beat the competition by a few percent but by a country mile.

The Burley Hollywell features excellent build quality. Burley not only manufacture the stoves in Britain but also source british components. The steel used is not only rolled in Britain but is also smelted in Britain. Burley are so confident in the high levels of build quality that they have even tested them by rolling a military tank over them. Click here to see a video of this.

The vortex created by the Fireball technology also envelops the entire fuel bed, burning it so completely that there is no need for an ash pan. 100kg of wood can be reduced to only 1 pint of ash! This ash is simply scooped out. No more carrying bucket loads of ash through the house every time you want a fire.

The Hollywell is also available with an outside air kit to draw air from outside directly into the stove.

We have the Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove on display in our Denholme showroom and have found it to be a firm favourite with our customers.

Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove 9105

Stove Features:

  • DEFRA approved
  • Solid build quality
  • Double glazed ceramic glass window
  • Easy to control
  • Fireball technology
  • Superb Efficiency

Additional Information:

  • Heat Output: 5KW
  • Efficiency: 89.9%
  • Width: 470mm
  • Height: 680mm
  • Depth: 405mm
  • Flue Spigot: 6″ (150mm) Top exit only
  • Stove Body Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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