Curved Glass Hearth




Curved Glass Hearth

Dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm x 12mm

2mm thick Glass Hearth with a polished edge.

Glass hearths can be used to protect the floor underneath your stove. They not only bring safety to your floor, they will also add class and style.

The Stove Place offer a number of different shaped glass hearths. The Curved Glass Hearth is suitable for most stoves.

The glass floor hearths are made from 12 mm tempered clear glass, polished with a c-edge

Important notice:  Glass floor hearths should cover a minimum 30 cm in front of your stove, and 15 cm on each side.

We recommend to place a thin and transparent silicone joint between the glass hearth and the floor. This will help avoid impurities coming in under the glass hearth.

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