Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove

Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove

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The Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove, the smallest of the Loxton range is a perfect multifuel stove for smaller spaces but giving all the features of a larger more powerful stove, featuring all the same combustion techniques present in the rest of the Loxton range and all the same helpful design features.

FREE 1000mm flue pipe, register plate, black fire cement and coal shovel available with this stove.Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel StoveMendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove

Product Description

Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove

The Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove is the smallest stove in the Loxton range however includes all the same features.

The Loxton 3 is ideal for small living rooms and is also a favourite choice for canal boats and caravans.

The Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove is extremely efficient at 85% resulting in less fuel use and less frequent re-loading. This is the result of the Loxton 3′s insulated combustion chamber and clean burn technology.

The Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove is DEFRA approved. This means you are able to burn wood in smokeless zone with the added satisfaction of doing your part to help the environment.

The attention to detail, precision and design is a trademark of Mendip Stoves products and is present in the Loxton 3. At 85% it boasts one of the highest efficiency ratings of the whole brand and considering its small size this is quite an achievement. It is this that makes it a perfect stove for smaller rooms and well insulated homes.

The clean lines of the new Loxton 3 cast iron door and large glass window open the fire box to the room. The easy to operate single air control make adjustment simple and the latest three-flow clean burn air system allows for a more complete combustion.

The Mendip Loxton 3 Multifuel Stove has a pre-heated secondary air wash to help keep it clean and free of deposits but also feeds air directly into the heart of the fire. Its tertiary air aids post combustion of flue gases so the stove burns cleanly and uses as much energy from your fuel as possible.

Stove Features:

  • Steel body
  • Overnight burning facility
  • Insulated chamber
  • Powerful airwash system for cleaner glass
  • DEFRA approved for us in smokeless zones
  • Highly efficient
  • Heat Output: 3KW
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Width: 380mm
  • Height: 525mm
  • Depth: 280mm
  • Flue Spigot: 5″ (125mm) Top or rear
  • Stove Body Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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