Parkray Consort 15 Woodburning Stove

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Options available: Boiler option, Low Canopy Kit and High Canopy Kit

FREE 1000mm flue pipe, register plate, carbon monoxide detector, black fire cement, magnetic flue pipe thermometer and companion set available with this stoveParkray Consort 15 Multifuel StoveParkray Consort 15 Multifuel StoveParkray Consort 15 Multifuel Stove

Product Description

Parkray Consort 15 Woodburning Stove

The Parkray Consort 15 Woodburning Stove is capable of heating even the largest of room.

Despite its large size and output, the Consort 15 is super efficient and has been independently tested to reach 78.6%.

The Parkray Consort 15 Woodburning Stove is an extremely economical way of heating larger rooms with a heat output of between 8kw and 15kw.

The Parkray Consort 15 Woodburning Stove features traditional styling that would make this stove an ideal companion for most homes.

The Parkray Consort 15 Woodburning Stove is available in both single and double door options enabling you to tailor the look of the stove to suit the feel of your room.

A triple burn combustion system ensures maximum efficiency and a beautiful dancing flame.

An external riddling mechanism means you can shake ash and deposits into the ash pan with ease.

Cleanburn technology creates a welcoming flame pattern that will keep you entertained for hours.

A boiler option is available. A wrap-around boiler for up to 10 radiators and a clip-in boiler for up to 4 radiators.


  • 11.9kw nominal heat output
  • Available with single or double doors
  • Woodburning
  • Large glass window
  • Triple burn technology
  • Hot airwash for cleaner glass
  • Boiler option

Additional Information 

  • Heat Output: 8kW- 15kW heat output range
  • Efficiency: 78.6%
  • Width: 730mm
  • Height: 658mm
  • Depth: 513mm
  • Flue Spigot: 6″ (150mm) top or rear (inter-changeable)
  • Stove Body Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 5 Years