Aduro Stoves

Aduro Stoves are designed and manufactured in Denmark to the highest possible standards. Aduro Stoves’ two designers Casper Storm and Torben Madsen have been working together since the company was first established.
Aduro Stoves are convection stoves that distribute heat through air circulation. This ensures a consistent and pleasant room temperature and allows you to place the stove closer to combustible materials.
All Aduro stoves are created on the basis of advanced combustion principles. Aduro stoves comply with the strictest environmental criteria in the world, which include the Nordic Swan Eco-label.
You can light your Aduro stove with a clear conscience. because heating wood is carbon neutral. Wood absorbs just as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while trees are growing as the wood releases when it is burnt. An Aduro stove is a way to make a positive impact on the carbon balance and global climate change.
Every Aduro stove comes with a 5 year warranty reflecting the highest Danish manufacturing standards.