Burley Stoves

The Burley Fireball and Firecube ranges of wood-burning stoves are the result of thousands of hours of designing and prototyping, based and inspired by over 100 years of experience in the heating industry.  Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the UK, the Burley range boasts advances which result in unsurpassed fuel efficiency and clean burning.  This is made possible by the patented Fireball method of introducing air.  This creates a stove so advanced that Burley is the only company who can guarantee that their wood burners will deliver more warmth and use less fuel than any comparable stove you may currently have. They are the world’s cleanest and most efficient Wood Burning Stoves. Burley have introduced far more demanding criterea than Ecodesign and are encouraging the rest of the industry to follow their lead.

All Burley stoves exceed the Eco Design 2022 standards and are either ecoexcel or exoelite approved.

Ecoexcel – For stoves to display Ecoexcel they must satisfy the higher efficiency of 79%+ and also all the reduced cleaner emissions.

Ecoelite – If a stove has earned the accolade of Ecoelite you can be assured that you have purchased an absolute state of the art product with particulate levels of less than 1/3rd that of a stove which is merely Ecodesign and just 1/300th as much as an open fire.

Many of Burley’s stoves are available with or without catalytic converters. The catalytic converter aids complete combustion, converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, releasing more energy, therefore a stove with a catalytic converter will generally have lower CO emissions and a higher efficiency than a stove without. Burley’s research and design team have ensured the catalytic converters in their stoves are working in the perfect temperature band and will last for over 10,000 hours of normal use. Unlike many catalytic converters, with average use these will never need to be replaced.