Merlin Stoves

Merlin Stoves have been carefully built and crafted to perfection. They have been created to meet the ever increasing market demand for high efficiency and exceptionally environmentally friendly stoves as an alternative heat source for the home.
Design & Concept
Merlin Stoves’ clear cut British design is aesthetically pleasing and has been created to give a welcoming visual experience by offering an ultra clear view of the fire at all times.
Defying contemporary or traditional labels, these unique stoves become a natural focal point in any setting. Merlin Stoves have simple and uncomplicated lines, yet they are attractive in every fashion sense.
Construction and Performance
The revolutionary (patent pending) triple chamber construction and low draft starting make the Merlin Stoves range unique on the market when it comes to performance, efficiency and low emissions. Appearing elegant on the outside, they are extremely robust and powerful on the inside. Built with the latest technology, these easily controllable stoves run without the need for additional fussy components and expensive accessories whilst coping effortlessly with all weather conditions.